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And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard.

"Why Don’t the Unemployed Get Off Their Couches?" and Eight Other Critical Questions for Americans (via seriouslyamerica)

Don’t get me started.

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I think people don’t understand what the unemployment rate means.  It means the number of jobs there ARE compared to the number of people there are looking for jobs.  

People seem to somehow think that the unemployment rate is the number of people sitting around unemployed, as if there are thousands of companies with open positions and since the unemployed people all keep sitting on their butts, those companies are just somehow getting by without filling those positions????

The unemployment rate is the number of people who will be left over after all of the available jobs are filled.  

It’s the number of people who are going to be wasting all of their waking hours each week looking for jobs that don’t exist. 

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I don’t know who told you that, but that’s not true. 

The unemployment rate is reported as the percentage of the labor force that is counted as unemployed. Mathematically, the unemployment rate is as follows:

unemployment rate = (# of unemployed / labor force) x 100%

It has nothing to do with job availability.

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Mako + Lightning bending

I’ve seen a few people express dislike for the portion of Mako’s new character bio where it says Mako’s choice of weapon is lightning given how little he’s used it lately. So I took it upon myself to track back through everything released so far and sure enough… 7 instances in Book 1 and only once in Book 2 and nothing so far in Book 3.

And then it hit me… Lightning is the cold blooded fire. According to the Avatar Wiki page lightning bending “Mentally it involves a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind, and physically it requires separating the energies of yin and yang, also interpreted as positive and negative electric potential respectively.” (x)

Now we know full well that Mako is physically capable of producing lightning. In fact, of all the people we’ve seen generate lightning, he probably does it with the least amount of effort.

So why the sudden lack of lightning from Mako?

"Mentally it involves a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind"

Think about the events of Book 2 and Book 3. Compare the stoic and restrained Mako you saw in Book 1 with what you’ve seen of Mako in Book 2 and Book 3. That’s not the picture of someone who’s absent of emotion or abundant in peace of mind at all. At least in Book 1 Mako was more in control of his emotions in the sense that he was pretty good at ultimately shoving them aside (and not dealing with them entirely at times). That ability wore off severely by the time Book 2 rolled around (I think a certain waterbender may or may not be to partially blame for this).

In full honesty, opening yourself up and allowing the avatar of all people into your life, especially an avatar as chaotic as Korra… there’s only so long you can keep your inner emotionless peace.

The avatar lives on a different level than everyone else. Who else is surrounded by the only airbenders (at the time), constantly in the public eye (for a different reason than probending), basically seen and depended on as the savior and problem solver for the world, always involved somehow in a conflict or diplomatic event (the Water Tribe Civil wars and traveling the world looking for airbenders) and is constantly under the threat of attack (and not just anyone, but literally the dark spirit of pure evil and four master assassins).

Not to mention the romantic side and how much Korra has gotten under Mako’s skin and really taken him out of his comfort zone. Mako doesn’t have a little crush on Korra. It’s not a “oh she’s pretty and nice and I like hanging out with her”. She drives him crazy. She makes him feel things he’s never felt before and it’s been proven over and over again that ultimately he doesn’t yet know what to do with these feelings or how to handle them.

Honestly would Mako have even come close to doing half of what he’s done so far if it weren’t for Korra? Without Korra, Mako would’ve probably dropped out of the probending tournament because Hasook left them, gone back to training for another year, maybe even been on the streets depending on how lenient they’d be with the brothers living in the attic for free for a while, looking for a replacement waterbender for the team and trying to scrape by protecting and providing for Bolin.

And the chances Mako would’ve became a cop probably wouldn’t have been that high. When Korra found Mako he was very much in survival mode. He wasn’t living, he was simply surviving and in that lifestyle Mako can keep his emotionless peace of mind. For someone who’s been doing it since the age of 8, he’s a master at it by now.

Because of Korra, Mako, for the first time since his parents died, had the chance to really live. For the first time he had another option. He could live at Air Temple Island. He could be fed good food. People were there who would make sure he had clothes and was taken care of. Because Korra found Mako, Mako was able to experience a life beyond survival. He was allowed to experience his emotions in a new way because it didn’t jeopardize his and Bolin’s potential safety and well-being.

Meeting the avatar severely changes your life and your destiny. We saw this with Katara and Sokka and now we’re seeing it with Mako and Bolin.

I truly believe Mako’s actual preferred choice of weapon is still lightning bending. But at the moment his emotional life is chaos and he’s dealt with almost none of it (which I really think is going to come back to get him in the next few episodes). After bottling up his emotions for so long it’s hardly surprising that he has almost no idea how to handle them. So this is the next phase of Mako’s character development - handling his emotions in a healthy way.

And I think once we see Mako find his peace while balancing his emotions (not neglecting them but not letting them get out of control), I think we’ll see more lightning from Mako. Because as I said earlier, I really think that is his preferred weapon of choice.

That’s probably also why lightning-bending at the power plant is so feasible and such a low-wage job: people who go to work there aren’t exactly living it up, so they’ll adopt an apathetic, minimum-wage attitude: “I did my work, now give me my money so I can buy some food.” No time for play or fun or emotional drama, just simple mundanity. After a while you break down and you just start to be able to shoot off the lightning mechanically and automatically. The people who complain get frustrated and lose the ability to generate lightning easily, and can be easily fired and replaced with some other desperate individual. A few simple lessons and another worker joins the line. Cheap and easy labor that quickly becomes a self-sustaining cycle.



Last week’s twitter sketches (and charms i made for ninthrevolver a month ago)!

All of your things have been so amazing ;_____ ;!!!! (ALL OF YOUR DRAWINGS HAVE BEEN ALWAYS AMAZING, BUT RECENTLY DAM A+++++  ) I think you’ve really stepped up your game with coloring, anatomy, EVERYTHING!!! Your faces are always ace ;~ ;!!! I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE OF THESE AND UR CHARMS ARE DANGLING HAPPILY ON MY 3DS ;~~~;;;; Everyone checkk out best tomo’s amazing arT THANK U SO MUCH FOR BEING SO AMAZING AAGH I CAN;TTT


I think Mako’s face is important here as he looks at Kai, because he’s got no concern for this kid who was like him—an orphan on the run. Instead, he’s looking at him with suspicion. Because…

A. Kai probably doesn’t have the light in his eyes that Mako saw every time he looked in a mirror. There’s something off about his story. In fact, it probably looks a lot more like cons that he might have pulled when he was young. And…

B. He’s a detective. The story is convenient and plays on the emotions. The kid has a bag slung over his shoulder, and the bag looks heavy. Who knows how many times Mako has seen someone lugging stolen goods around, whether during stakeouts or during Triad operations (because even with running numbers, he was probably still familiar with some criminal faces).

Mako may be about as romantically deft as a fish on rollerskates, but he’s got an eye for crime.


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Asscup and Fever


I know Asscup implies sexy times but I went in the exact opposite of sexy with kids


Babies tended to run higher temperatures when it came to fevers, but Jóra, affectionately dubbed Jojo, had an alarming heat to her skin two months into her first winter.  Bursi had murmured as much to Valka, hoping to keep the young parents from panicking, but word had reached them anyway.

Astrid picked up on the sickness it early: Jóra had grown fussy at the breast, wet herself more, became irritable outside her usual even temperament.  Astrid spoke to Bursi, received instructions to sate the child’s discomfort, but the illness was determined to run its course.  The couple got little sleep—Jóra screamed her irritation, and even when she wasn’t crying or sleeping, her face was wrung and her eyes glassy with tears.

Hiccup spent one night seated at the edge of their bed, Jóra wailing in his arms. The hour was late, but they hadn’t settled for the night yet. They couldn’t; not with Jóra denying them rest.

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