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My guilty pleasure of the week - new tiny sailormoons of the wildest hair variety, but not a button this time. I love the amazon quartet so much. So much! We were going to cosplay them once, but we never got around to doing that.

Please forgive the shameless inaccuracies, particularly regarding the scouts’ shoes and weapons, I just wanted to mess around : B

You know what one of the best things about the Sailor Moon fandom on tumblr is?  The regular love for the Sailor Quartet!  Before I got onto tumblr, they were barely on my radar and now they’re often one of the best things I see pretty much every day.  And seeing utterly beautiful art like this, knowing fandom loves them and is interested in them as much as I am?  That’s amazing.


You’ve done it now Tumblr! I was surprised how many people were interested in the Chibi Usa x Helios doujinshi idea I had tossed out in my last post and now my Muse won’t leave me alone.

I’ve been brainstorming the story for the last couple of days and right now I have something that resembles a working plot. Plenty of wrinkles still need to be smoothed out, and it ain’t going to be very original (or possibly even logical >_>). To help me think and to appease my Muse without actually starting to draw a doujinshi since that’s a big commitment I’ve drawn some rough sketches of the school uniform/civilian outfits for the characters and came up with civilian identifies for the Quartet and Helios. (And yes, your eyes do not deceive you; the Maenads are maids. I promise it makes sense in the context of the plot XD;;)

Given that my Muse is working full time on this, I’ll have to put fanfic writing on hold while I go through the motions and get this out of my system. I really can’t say how long my Muse is going to stay entertained by this idea, but I’ll run with it for as long as she’s willing to cooperate. But don’t hold your breath because if my Muse is anything, she is fickle. :p

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