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if I had a nickel for every time someone said they didn’t “get” my series and that it was stupid, hooboy

the thing is to know what your talking about and admit you don’t know everything, that’s the sign your a human being who can grow. The biggest problem with the internet is people want to just “DESTROY YOU” or “Win the internet”.

Every 11 year old on the internet is an expert on everything that ever was or will ever be.

PHOTO PERSONALITY MEME  | answer the questions below by using the flickr search engine, choose a photo from the first 3 pages, post your results. 

1. your name: Julie
2. your favorite food:
3. your favorite color: Dark Red
4. celebrity crush: George Clooney
5. what you want to be when you grow up: Fashion Designer
6. dream vacation: Kyoto, Japan
7. favorite drink: Milk
8. What you love most in the world: Eye Candy
9. Your username: TimeStar-hime

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