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Episode 07, “Scenario for Bloodshed”, Pt 2/2 - Heero

When Heero thought he had killed the entire leadership of OZ vs when Heero realized he had killed the entire pacifist leadership of the Alliance.

This episode marks the start of the Gundam boys becoming the “losers”. It seems odd because they never really had any real length of time being the “winners” despite being strong and well trained.

Heero, despite being a focused “perfect” soldier and assassin has screwed up several times to date, though much of it wasn’t his fault. He has had circumstances stacked against him. He was caught by Zechs upon landing on Earth, his identity discovered by Relena immediately, his Gundam sought after by the Alliance, then “captured” by the Alliance, then he thought the institute he was at was found by the Alliance, and now he accidentally kills the wrong people.

He’s only had a few successful missions and he’s pretty much the main character! Why does this happen? Bad luck and lack of experience seems to be the only answers I can find. It’s no wonder that he completely goes into a mental shutdown after this…

Just look at his traumatized expression! I have to say it. Damn you Treize, you warmongering bastard (that I somehow like anyway)! This whole episode is a perfect example of how Gundam Wing is anything besides black and white.

catherinebloom asked:

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Heero’s someone with a pretty obvious case of PTSD. He’s never really acknowledged the matter beyond knowing ‘he’s not quite right’. He doesn’t dwell on it much and prefers to not talk about it. His greatest frustration comes from daily challenges just from dealing with civilian lifestyle when the war is over. If he didn’t work at Preventers, he would be in a much worse position while attempting to deal with his issues.

Heero also suffers from (seemingly) Dissociative amnesia, though whether or not he knows this is unknown. He cannot remember anything before the day he met Odin. The reason for this is because he witnessed his parents death, an extremely traumatic event to him when he was only 4 years old at the time. He cannot recall any conscious memories of his parents or anything involving his childhood prior to their death.


Heero is fairly content and seemingly happiest most when he is being productive at work. He also enjoys the company of his fellow pilots quite substantially over the company of strangers. He spends a lot of time with them, at work and outside of it. Though some of their activities may not be things he’s interested in, he will often still go just because he is happiest around the only people he trusts wholeheartedly.

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