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ok so this is probably a big old turnoff for some of my followers haha sorry, I don’t usually post gorey stuff, I know!

consider this a screencap redraw of when Heero self detonated, because I’ve always been put off by how flawless he looked after blowing up. like, a trail of blood from the hairline and a watery pool of blood behind him does not a convincing depiction of injury make.

I just wanted to strike a better balance between “there’s no way anyone would survive that” and “this guy is clearly the protagonist because he is somehow  not dead”


Episode 07, “Scenario for Bloodshed”, Pt 2/2 - Heero

When Heero thought he had killed the entire leadership of OZ vs when Heero realized he had killed the entire pacifist leadership of the Alliance.

This episode marks the start of the Gundam boys becoming the “losers”. It seems odd because they never really had any real length of time being the “winners” despite being strong and well trained.

Heero, despite being a focused “perfect” soldier and assassin has screwed up several times to date, though much of it wasn’t his fault. He has had circumstances stacked against him. He was caught by Zechs upon landing on Earth, his identity discovered by Relena immediately, his Gundam sought after by the Alliance, then “captured” by the Alliance, then he thought the institute he was at was found by the Alliance, and now he accidentally kills the wrong people.

He’s only had a few successful missions and he’s pretty much the main character! Why does this happen? Bad luck and lack of experience seems to be the only answers I can find. It’s no wonder that he completely goes into a mental shutdown after this…

Just look at his traumatized expression! I have to say it. Damn you Treize, you warmongering bastard (that I somehow like anyway)! This whole episode is a perfect example of how Gundam Wing is anything besides black and white.

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