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She has no fear of him, and that annoys him. He can’t keep blackmailing her to keep his secret if she’s not afraid of him. And Heero is the type of operative that likes to control ALL variables of an operation. Relena has just revealed that she is now an uncontrollable wild card that could finish his mission for good. In fact, she is so not afraid of him that she has her eyes closed in front of him even as he has a gun pulled on her! Talk about some serious cojones.

I believe it’s the first time Heero realizes that maybe he doesn’t want to mess with this chick.

wendladarlings asked:

Do you have any 1xR fic recs? It's been years and I miss this pair :)


Here are some of my faves:

And here are a couple I’ve written/am writing:

Sorry I don’t have more - I’m an extremely picky person when it comes to my 1xR fanfics! (I think Heero is just a bit too OOC for my tastes in many of them, tbh.)

Starting Over, a slow burn epilogue | Preview 3 (cont’d)



Epilogue to Slow Burn | Gundam Wing A/C | 1xR | Romance, Comedy, Drama | T+

Summary: Duo and Hilde are finally tying the knot, and none other than Relena and Heero have been chosen as the Maid-of-Honour and Best Man for the occasion. But as the preparations for the wedding reveal the deep uncertainties and scars that remain about their relationship, can Heero and Relena learn to move on and share a future together?


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So it occurred to me that two of my favourite ships in the world - Heero x Relena from Gundam Wing A/C and Hans x Elsa from Frozen - start out with the male character threatening/trying to kill the female character before developing slowly over time into a romance/friendship built on mutual respect and understanding (and, eventually, affection).

The comparison kind of works out better than I initially thought after considering the fact that even in GW, the 1xR romantic relationship is not exactly “canon” (having been expanded on mainly in the realm of fanfiction, like Helsa). Obviously, 1xR is given far more time to develop over the course of GW itself, but the very fact that it does and that those two characters are able not only to reconcile over Heero’s attempted murder of Relena, but to become genuinely emotionally attached to each other reassures me that I’m not crazy in shipping Helsa.

(Although I kind of might be crazy in the first place for loving these kinds of romances, but … that’s beside the point.)

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