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Babscon!  Its coming up in just days!  Here’s another of the autograph pics I made for the show cast and crew, this time everyone’s favorite  Fashionista and Princess of the Night Tabitha St Germain!  

Like all the other amazing VAs on FIM, Tabitha is the voice behind many many characters, both on ponies and beyond.  Check them out here and be amazed!  Why didn’t I include them all?  Cause I had 19 of these cards to put together in 2 weeks!  There’s not enough Red Bull on the Eastern Seaboard for that!


MLP-MSP OCs by PixelKitties

If you’re attending the fabulous MLP-MSP convention coming up in Minneapolis, MN June 6, and you’re interested in meeting a pony-drawing weirdo with pigtails then you ‘re in luck! I’ll be a guest at the convention and hawking various ponies and pony accessories. I also did some work on the con mascots- Snow Drift and Prairie Heart!

Here are the convention OCs dressed up for a night on the town! I have to say, I love putting clothes on ponies. That may be why I keep coming back to Rarity as my favorite Main Six horse.

Hope to see you in Minnesoh-dah the weekend of June 6!

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