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Yeah, yeah, I know!  More moon, more overly colorful night skies, more rooftops.  I repeat myself more than a Vanilla Ice Greatest Hits compilation.

Back around February, I was asked to create some images for an anti-bullying campaign.  One of the ones requested was this pic
but changed around so the concept was show rivals putting their differences aside and going on a fun adventure together.  As far as I know the official plans for it are scrapped, or at least languishing in Development Heck.

Tonight is an annual, biggie-size community art event for Pittsburgh called Art All Night.  Local artists from all around the Steel City contribute one piece of art to display for 24 hours of fun, friends, beer and…that other thing.  Oh yeah, art!  Since I haven’t had time to put together something new from scratch this week, I decided to dust off this piece, clean it up a bit and use it for my AAN contribution.

If you’re in  Yinzer Country and are attending Art All Night, let me know on Twitter if you spot this!  Also, keep an eye out for one of Mr. Kitties’ Harmony Book Boxes on display.  We’re going to fill it with free MLP buttons!  Honestly, who doesn’t like buttons?  You know, except for the Pittsburgh Anti-Button League. 


Babscon!  Its coming up in just days!  Here’s another of the autograph pics I made for the show cast and crew, this time everyone’s favorite  Fashionista and Princess of the Night Tabitha St Germain!  

Like all the other amazing VAs on FIM, Tabitha is the voice behind many many characters, both on ponies and beyond.  Check them out here and be amazed!  Why didn’t I include them all?  Cause I had 19 of these cards to put together in 2 weeks!  There’s not enough Red Bull on the Eastern Seaboard for that!

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