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I think quatre has a lot of potential as a very complex and interesting character.

Especially post war, I mean he inherits what is basically a monopoly construction company in a post war world that desperately needs to be rebuilt.

He could be a tired beyond his years congenial on the surface tony stark with enough of a fortune to rival the GDP of a large country. With the shrewd tactical know how and when to throw his weight around.

Instead in fanon we get a weepy blond who needs a circus clown to take care of him.

I just. hg.


Episode 03: Five Gundams Confirmed. Trowa Barton and Quatre Raberba Winner meet for the first time at the Corsica Base.

A Little Bit of Naivety: Quatre Raberba Winner

Let’s be honest: you’ll have to be a little unhinged to scramble out of your machine’s cockpit in the middle of a battle and holler some form of a friendly ceasefire to someone who can squish you with a giant robot hand. It’s downright mad, especially when you did this just because it suddenly didn’t feel right to continue fighting.

Hunches could be wrong, even if you have some kind of ESP-like ability. A quick calculation that goes, “This guy doesn’t seem to be on the OZ’s or the Alliance’s side, his mobile suit is identical to mine, and it looks like we have the same mission too” may seem logical, but it’s not 100% reliable.

So yes, you’ll have to be a little bit unhinged…or, you know, a little bit naive.

Quatre Raberba Winner is a kind person. From the first episode we know he is the only one who doesn’t strictly stick to the “Don’t let anyone who sees your Gundam live” rule that the pilots are following. He gives the enemies a chance to live, and if they don’t grab it, he says sorry before killing them. Take note, they’re the enemies. Now faced with a mysterious suit that is likely not an enemy, he cautiously works out his next steps, telling the Maguanacs he doesn’t need any help. And then out of the blue he senses that this little brawl is wrong, so he ‘surrenders’ and yells, “You and I shouldn’t be fighting each other!”

(I can imagine a very baffled Trowa. Guy’s raised as a mercenary as early as he could properly walk, and a situation like this has never been filed in his memory bank. He probably will just go on and crush Quatre then and there...if he hasn’t ran out of ammo and if there isn’t a forty-men backup troop ready to blow him to smithereens once he lifts a Gundanium finger to hurt their Master. It’s clear that throwing in the towel is the only option left for him, so that’s what he does. Uh, yeah, going off on a tangent…)

A little peek at Quatre’s history will give you that he didn’t experience a huge tragedy the other pilots did when they were younger. His Episode Zero is more about his identity, his pursuit of individuality, than having a beginning of a war-marred childhood. Instead of tears and death, there’s enlightenment at the end of his back story. There hasn’t been any dark cloud to taint his kindness so he goes out there as the most positive, the most hopeful, and the least judgmental of all the pilots.

Remember the "Good Guy, Bad Guy" ping-pong embedded in the show’s plot? Quatre plays this with rose-colored spectacles…at least in the beginning. It’s extremely dangerous, but he’s willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, even in the battlefield. Oh, he does his job and accomplish his missions, but the boy just doesn’t have the ability to readily believe a person is bad or evil. This will be further backed in the next episodes, where he thinks the other pilots may be “violent but they’re all really nice guys.”

Quatre’s naivety and kindness are the traits that often make people categorize him as weak—which he is anything but. I’d love to expand on this more, but I think I’d rather wait ‘til I reach the episodes that prove he’s no “fragile desert flower”. :p

Gundam Wing x Pacific Rim AU Time!

Alright. I clearly spend far too much time on Tumblr and I’ve already seen a few crossovers with Pacific Rim (It was only a matter of time, right? XD) So, after watching it twice, I finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon! So, here I go! Please forgive me for writing so much!


In Jaeger Hell Altron, American pilot Duo Maxwell and Chinese pilot Chang Wufei have a long standing record as being the best - and one of the most highly Drift compatible - co-pilots in the Hong Kong Shatterdome. They have opposing personalities, but their combination of Duo’s speed and stealth tactics with Wufei’s extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, grants them the third highest Kaiju kill count.

In Jaeger Tallgeese Zero, Danish pilot Milliardo “Zechs” Peacecraft and Japanese pilot Yuy Heero were a formidable - albeit chaotic - pair. Both Milliardo and Heero shared a high proficiency in close quarters combat and maintained high focus during engagements, thus enabling them to maintain temporary above-average Drift compatibility and the highest Kaiju kill count of the Hong Kong Shatterdome. Outside of battle, however, their philosophical differences - as well as their strong senses of pride and one-up-manship - made for a constant source of tension and Drift misalingment. Often, during non-combat deployments, their Drift compatibility experienced violent fluctuations, frequently resulting in Jeager inoperability and requiring in-field extractions.  

In Jaeger Rock Arms, British pilot Trowa Barton and Arabian pilot Quatre Raberba Winner were the team to beat. Although their Kaiju kill count paled in comparison to Tallgeese Zero’s, they had the highest Drift compatibility score of any co-pilots in the Hong Kong Shatterdome. Quatre’s endurance and strategic team-combat tactics were nicely complemented by Trowa’s ability to power through and overwhelm Kaiju. Nicknamed “the Rock,” Quatre often served as in-field commander, hanging back to observe and direct combat while Trowa ensured their Jaeger served as the final stop for incoming Kaiju.

In Jaeger Virgo Epyon, Austrian pilot Trieze Khushrenada and French-Spanish pilot Dorothy Catalonia - last operating out of the Vladivostock Shatterdome - were nicknamed “The Royals.” As cousins from aristocratic stock, Dorothy and Treize shared a refined upbringing that imparted them with the same philosophy of noble, chivalrous combat and necessary human sacrifice to give meaning to life. Both well-versed in combat tactics and strategy, they maintained high Drift compatibility and worked well with their fellow Vladivostock Jaegers to defeat Kaiju.


A most tragic series of events occur before we meet our Jeager pilots in the Hong Kong Shatterdome of 2025.

In the final engagement before the decommissioning of the Vladistock Shatterdome, Virgo Epyon and Cherno Alpha engage a kaiju named “Fiend” on October 31, 2024. While Cherno Alpha goes on to successfully kill Fiend, Virgo Epyon is destroyed in the battle. Pilot Khushrenada realizes that they are out matched and, after an intense battle, decides that the only useful course of action is to use Virgo Epyon in a suicide-style attack to weaken it enough for Cherno Alpha to finish it off. After force ejecting Pilot Catalonia from the Jaeger, Pilot Khushrenada successfully self-destructs Virgo Epyon and provides Cherno Alpha with the necessary advantage to ultimately kill Fiend. Pilot Catalonia physically recovers from the encounter, but remains psychologically scarred from what she considers a “profound and terrible betrayal” from her cousin Trieze.

On November 19, 2024, a kaiju named “Tailspitter” was intercepted by Jaegers Crimson Typhoon, Tallgeese Zero and Rock Arms. In typical attack formation, Jaeger Rock Arms held to the rear while Crimson Typhoon and Tallgeese Zero directly engaged Tailspitter. The battle was intense and prolonged - taking well over one and a half hours to subdue the kaiju - and this proved to be fatal for Tallgeese Zero. After an hour of well-synchronized combat, pilots Peacecraft and Yuy began to experience violent Drift fluctuations as they struggled to come up with a viable strategy. Eventually, their neural link became so weak it caused the Jaeger to stop in mid-attack. Despite diversionary attacks from both Rock Arms and Crimson Typhoon (in an attempt to give the pilots a chance to realign), Tailspitter took out half of the Conn-Pod and killed Pilot Peacecraft. Suffering severe structural and operational system damage, Tallgeese Zero fell into the waters of Ishikari Bay. While Crimson Typhoon finished off Tailspitter, Rock Arms retrieved Tallgeese Zero’s Conn-Pod. Pilot Yuy survived the near drowning, but - combined with a neural overload induced seizure - was comatose for a month following the encounter. Despite the successful defeat of the Kaiju and salvageability of Jaeger Tallgeese Zero, Pilot Winner began to experience considerable self-doubt in his abilities as a strategist and combat pilot.

Eleven days after the Sapporo kaiju attack, kaiju Kojiyama appeared in the Bohai Sea and was intercepted by Jaegers Rock Arms, Hell Altron, Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka. This kaiju - whose name translated to “twisted mountain” - was the largest Category III kaiju to attack the Eastern Pacific Rim. In yet another grueling battle, Kojiyama was largely unaffected by their attacks and all four Jaegers took a good deal of abuse. In a last ditch effort, Hell Altron was going to attempt a surprise attack to effectively immobilize the kaiju and allow the other Jaegers to finish it off. This plan was foiled, however, by Pilot Winner of Rock Arms who, latching onto the searing memory of Tallgeese Zero’s recent demise and his intense feelings of guilt, inadvertently launched an attack at Hell Altron, rendering them inoperable for the rest of the fight. Pilot Barton managed to snap Pilot Winner back to reality but, once he comprehended the damage he had dealt to Hell Altron, his feelings of guilt and self-loathing overwhelmed both pilots. In attempt to prevent any further harm to himself or the other Jaegers, Chief Medical Officer - and Acting Marshall - Sally Po ordered LOCCENT Mission Control to disengage the Rock Arms pilots. In the end, the combined efforts of Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka defeated Kojiyama. Pilots Maxwell and Chang were hospitalized for two weeks with non-life threatening injuries; Jaeger Hell Altron was salvaged. Rock Arms Pilot Barton was comatose for three days and, upon waking, experienced retrograde amnesia for three weeks. Pilot Winner was placed under medical observation for one week and, after a full psychological examination, was granted his request to leave the battlefield and become the official Marshall of the Hong Kong Shatterdome.


Marshall Winner’s first act is to order the full refurbishment of Jaegers Rock Arms and Tallgeese Zero. Relieved that Trowa has regained consciousness, and taking Heero’s still comatose state under heavy consideration, Quatre makes the decision to find a replacement pilot so that Hong Kong base can have as many working Jaegers as possible. On December 11, 2024, he directly contacts Pilot Dorothy Catalonia to reassign her as a Hong Kong Jaeger pilot.

She arrives on-base on December 14, 2024; the same day Pilots Maxwell and Chang are given medical clearance. Five days later, Pilot Yuy awakens from his coma. On Christmas Eve, Pilot Barton fully recovers from his retrograde amnesia.

On December 27, 2024, Marshall Winner makes his official introduction to the pilots, crews, and support personnel of the Hong Kong Shatterdome. He emphasizes that many things have changed and that everyone must adapt in order to stay strong in the fight against kaiju. He orders all Jaeger pilots to be ready for “Roulette Sparring” at 10:00 the next morning; the results of which will determine which pilots are active or in reserve. He also announces that Jaeger maintenance crews will also be tested - and grouped by proficiency - the day after. His controlled demeanor and harsh tone send hushed waves of concern through the crowd, especially the Hong Kong pilots.

Pilot Catalonia, being vaguely aware of the incidents preceeding her transfer, is intrigued by Marshall Winner’s attitude and is excited to see what will happen next.

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