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I kind of love this scene. Sally’s so intuitive and kind and strong and I think Relena and her would probably have gotten along normally, but she makes the mistake of telling Relena exactly what Relena herself already noticed about Heero - that he’s “cute” and “has a wild look about him” and “inner strength” which causes Relena to automatically turn into what she is - a 15 year girl with a crush - and she proceeds to just sass the crap out of Sally as she tries to dissuade her interest in Heero. And the best part is that Sally just seems to find it amusing.

Wow, that just totally changed my understanding of the scene. I originally thought Relena was trying to somehow protect Heero’s identity from Sally by playing coy, but that explanation really does go along with Relena’s pre-episode 5 mindset. : )

I think she was doing both - trying to protect Heero and being annoyed with Sally. The look at her face when Sally described him as cute and how hostile she reacts tipped me off to look closer at the scene. I mean let’s look at the times Relena has reacted with open hostility-

  1. To Dr. J to some degree when asking why Heero must fight Oz all by himself
  2. To Lady Une after she killed Relena’s father.
  3. Toward Zechs because, I believe, he was an OZ soldier and was fighting Heero to the death. 
  4. To some old fogies talking about destroying the gundams I think (when Noin had to escort her out lol)
  5. Then she pretty much calms the hell down after embracing the Peacecraft name…until Heero implies he’s going to try suiciding and she ain’t trying to have none of that. 
  6. Then toward Mariemaia because she kidnapped her and tried to start a revolution to break the peace everyone had sacrificed so much for.
  7. Oh yeah, and to Sally. Why? Because she said Heero was cute XD 

Seriously, all of her anger is being protective of the men she loves and the goals they worked toward. And 4/7 was directly to do with solely Heero.


Little GW Things #11: The Little Prince.

On Relena’s birthday (Episode 02: The Gundam Deathscythe), she hears a news disputing the rumours that the five “meteorites” that entered the atmosphere were manned spacecrafts. She immediately thinks it’s a lie as she knows Heero is one of them. Then she wonders, “Is he a little prince?”

It could be that Relena is dreamily thinking of a prince who will “save” her from her lonely life, but I’m taking that as a reference to  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella Le Petit Prince. Some translations say she refers to him as “Star Prince”, which furthers supports this.

The novella’s title character refers to a young boy who falls to Earth from a tiny asteroid called the B-612; Heero came from a colony in L1 and went to Earth as a “meteor”.  The novella’s narrator, a pilot (who we can say is also a frustrated artist), crashes in the Sahara desert and meets the prince. He shows the boy his drawings from his younger days and realizes that unlike the grown-ups, the boy can completely understand what his drawings are portraying. 

Maybe Relena thinks Heero is more than that new “spark” in her life that will wash away her boredom or loneliness. Maybe for some reason she feels she could connect with Heero—that she could understand him and he could understand her. Remember that she felt this way too with the strange boy she met in school in her Episode ZeroWhatever this reference may mean, only one thing is clear: the whole situation just colored Relena more and more curious. 


Fun fact #01: Heero isn’t the first person Relena called the “Little Prince”. She used it first on a younger Milliardo in her Episode Zero when he asked her,”Are you all right, Princess?” She also saw a shooting star the day she met him.

Fun fact #02: Saint-Exupéry’s novella was translated into various media, one of them an anime series aired in 1978. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (character designer of Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn) was involved in the series as a director and character designer.


Let’s Talk About This Scene For a Minute

This is from episode 49, the series finale.  Treize has just been killed, and Une has just ordered surrender to White Fang.  Relena is brought on board the station (long story), and the first thing Une does is pull a Heero and offer her a gun to shoot her with in revenge for assassinating Vice Minister Darlian, Relena’s father, at the beginning of the series.

Relena’s answer is to push the gun away and tell her “let’s put an end to all of this, the revenge and the battles.”

This is, by the way, the same woman she actually did shoot a gun at earlier in the series after her father’s murder.  So let’s put even more perspective on that, shall we?

Relena has the woman who murdered her father standing in right in front of her, asking to be shot.  The woman whom Relena herself has already shot at once (whether she was aiming to actually hit her is still up in the air).  Relena not only refuses to do so, but flat-out counteroffers to launch the proverbial hatchet into the sun so they can get shit done now (such as, oh, saving the rest of Earth from a catastrophic space debris impact).

Consider this an open letter to the (thankfully) few dimwits in this fandom who still can’t let a ten-year-old shipping grudge go:

Relena is a better person than you.

Relena doesn’t choose some bitterly clichéd “edgy” answer that letting Une wallow in her own guilt is a greater punishment than killing her.  Relena gives up revenge and gives up hating the person who took away one of the most important people in her life.  She lets it go, because carrying that grudge will not stop Block A from slamming into Earth right now and will not lead to peace after they do save the day.

Relena is, quite possibly, the strongest character in the series emotionally and mentally, and out of everyone, she’s the one who grows and develops the most.  From a starry-eyed, naive, sheltered teenager to a shrewd but compassionate politician with an almost creepy insight into what motivates people to try and kill each other.  This is why she becomes Queen of the World.  This is why she cedes the title to Treize, because she refuses to be the Romefeller Foundation’s puppet.

This is why she forgives the woman who murdered her father.

Thankfully, the bashing has died down and people have realized it’s possible to ship Heero and Duo (hell, I do) and still think Relena is the bee’s knees and recognize her for the BAMF she is.

All hail Queen Relena!

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