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Jadeite was appointed Chibiusa’s tutor in hopes that his serious nature would keep her studies in line. But unbeknownst to them, he has a soft spot for sleeping princesses.  After this particular session though, he took a more casual approach to their study time which they both benefited from.

Surprisingly, Chibiusa finds Jadeite very easy to talk to.  If she has doubts about living up to people’s expectations, he understands that feeling the best out of everyone in Crystal Tokyo.  So he’ll sit quietly and listen as she pours her heart out to him.



Chapter 1 is done! XD That took surprisingly less time than I thought. There’s a reason why Chibi Usa recognizes Helios but he doesn’t recognize her (and no, it’s not the Invisible to Normal trope), but I can’t say more than that for now. ;) The next update might take a bit long because I need to brainstorm and decide what I want to do with the rest of the story. But also because of something else I have in mind…

Remember that big announcement I was hinting at during the last update? Well I’m planning on making a printed copy of chapter 1! I’m currently working on a cover for the printed doujin, based on the style on the Kodansha re-release manga. More however, I will also attempt to print and distribute about a dozen or so FREE copies of chapter 1 at Fanime this year to those who are interested.

Now, this is still VERY tentative as I have 1) yet to obtain financial approval from parental figures, 2) finish the cover, 3) put the proof together, 4) get it printed, 5) check the proof to make sure the printed product looks right, and 6) order enough copies before Fanime, which is in less than three weeks…which I also still haven’t registered for. >_>;; If any one of these falls through then unfortunately this won’t happen, so let’s hope everything works out.

My decision to do this is two fold: I’ve decided against selling hard copies of this doujinshi as I’m afriad it might draw heat from Kodansha and their lawyers, and (hopefully) by giving away free items I won’t get into trouble. The second reason is I would like to do this as a show of thanks to those of you who’ve supported me in this endeavor. Honestly if you guys hadn’t shown so much enthusiasm and interest in this project I would’ve never started it. While Fanime is only one con, and I realize not everyone who wants a copy can make it there, I’d like to try to make as many people happy as I can. I will let you guys know how things are going, and if everything goes according to plan I’ll make a post in the next two weeks on when, where, and how you can get a free copy of this doujin. :)

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ASFGHJKL ANOTHER CHAPTER! And I freaking LOVE that you have an image like Naoko does >.< Guh!


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