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Guess who finished her flower belt for her Sailor Jupiter cosplay!

Next up is to make a brass tiara and to re-make my gloves. Since I have the time, I’m ordering a nice pair instead of buying for Claire’s. The pair I bought from there were falling apart before we even made it to the con. Holes in the fabric, seams coming apart, it was a nightmare. 



You can’t talk about Sailor Moon without mentioning the glittery transformation scenes used in almost every episode. The “transformation sequence” has become such a common thing in magical girl series now. Akko-chan of Himitsu no Akko-chan was the first transforming magical girl. With her magical compact, she could change into anything, even animals. Osamu Tezuka’s Melmo was able to become an adult, and also turn into animals with her magical candy. Limit-chan was also able to change her appearence with her pendant by yelling “Change Face!”. 

However, Cutie Honey was the first magical girl to have an actual transformation sequence. By yelling “Honey Flash!” and usually spinning in the air, Honey’s clothes would dissolve off her body and reappear with a new outfit. This brief segment left her completely nude. The idea of a naked transformation was pitched by author Go Nagai after Toei Animation decided to market the series to boys instead of girls. While Sailor Moon’s transformation was not done to attract a male audience, it’s clear where the inspiration came from. 

After Sailor Moon almost every magical girl afterwards had their own special magical girl sequence. It’s even been the subject of parody over the years. 

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