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I really, DEEPLY love how Ami has been so unshakable throughout this episode. Taiki is an ass, but they’re an imposing ass. They’re pompous and superior, they’re physically tall, they’re rich and famous. And yet Ami hasn’t been cowed ONCE. She’s been taken by surprise by Taiki’s rude responses, she’s been hurt by how condescending and insulting they’re being, but she’s NEVER STOPPED.

It’s interesting how this episode kind of goes in hand with her episode with Viluy (Episode 122). There too Ami was facing off against a very intelligent, confident intellect that at least matches her own. A contemporary, one of her few mental and academic peers. Yet there too Viluy wanted to define what learning meant in a way that excluded everyone but people like herself and Ami. Here, Taiki’s doing much the same thing. His viewpoint of science and learning and discovery is just cold hard facts, and if you don’t think like they do, then your opinion is dismissed as unworthy.

For Ami, learning and thinking and discovering and being excited about these things are without limits. They’re for EVERYONE. For her, with her giant beautiful brain. For Professor Ghostbuster who watches stars with romance in his heart. Even for Usagi, who deserves to learn and be enticed to want to learn more, no matter how difficult it is to get it all to stick.

Ami is the exact opposite of an intellectual snob, and I think of everything I love about her character, this may be what I love most. She’s deeply passionate about knowledge and learning and wants to share that passion with everyone she possibly can. Nothing is off-limits for Ami. She’s come so far from the girl who kept quietly to herself and said nothing as she endured the scorn of others, to this truly unquenchable force for expanding everyone’s horizons.

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