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When Mamoru and Usagi breakup, it’s heartbreaking. But at the end of the day, it isn’t as sad as this scene. When Mamoru dumps Usagi, he makes the conscious decision to protect her over himself and she aware of that. When Mamoru dies, he was literally just fondly looking at a picture of himself with his future wife and daughter!!! He couldn’t protect himself, but he plants the “seed” of doubt (har har) in Galaxia’s head that the Sailor Soldiers can defeat her. His last word is her name, he’s calling out to her, apologizing even, that he wasn’t strong enough.

And then poor Usagi in this scene. She has spent the ENTIRE season bawling her eyes out because Mamo-chan proposed to her, and then forgot all about her. Seiya has confused her heart, because Seiya has been there and been consoling her, and even though her heart belongs to Mamoru she is crushed that he hasn’t even tried to contact her. When she finds out that he’s been dead this whole time, not only is she struck by the grief of the fact that he is dead, but she’s also hit by all of the truths that come to her

mamo-chan didn’t forget about me, he was dead
i accidentally went on dates and such with seiya, while mamoru was dead
i didn’t even consider that mamoru was in danger

The animation in this scene is really beautiful. It really conveys Usagi’s emotions. Her, grasping her face, trembling from her sobs. Her face everytime we get to see it is absolutely heart-wrenching.

What I am trying to say is this scene in this episode tore my heart apart


I wish people would stop going on about Usagi’s sex life. She had sex with Mamoru at the end of StarS manga for certain but nothing is certain before that. You can make out without having sex. How about we just have a heroine who represents ALL girls, including ones that hang out with their boyfriends without going all the way? We exist, too. Disney princesses may be virginal till marriage but superheroines? No, most aren’t virgins in their canon. Usagi wouldn’t be the first by a long shot.

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Usagi’s first transformation

1992 vs 2014


and you know what makes me love her even more?! i met my best friend over a sailor moon lunch bag! we met in 10th or 11th grade, and we have been BFF’s since! we have a long distance friendship since she is now stationed ion Okinawa, but we still remain the best of friends.

sailor moon is just that special to me


It seems pretty definitive that Crystal!Princess Serenity will have blonde hair and now Queen Serenity will have blonde hair as well.  I… actually really like this change!  Which I do for two reasons!

One.  I am totally onboard with the idea that Princess Serenity is meant to look exactly like Queen Serenity, that they are identical, that maybe this happens because Princess Serenity didn’t actually have a father, that it explains why they can both use the Silver Crystal, because they actually are identical.

I like this idea because it fits with a lot of my fannish theories, especially about how characters are reincarnated—even if you’re born to different parents, you still come out looking exactly the same.  That whenever Usagi reincarnates, she’ll have those big blue eyes and that pretty blonde hair. As well, it fits with how I see Chibi-Usa, who is very definitely in her mother’s image, but has her own hair color and her own hairstyle and her own eye color… because she is only half-Moon People, unlike Princess Serenity, who was 100% Moon People.  Chibi-Usa is also half-Earth People through Mamoru, so she’s a totally new and different sort of person!

I think this also fits with the way the Silver Crystal is/isn’t passed through the family lines, that I like to theorize, back in Princess Serenity’s time, it actually was a powerful relic, but then it fused with her Star Seed after all the shit that happened in the Silver Millennium and now it’s part of her, it’s hers forever and always, just as Chibi-Usa has her own entirely separate Silver Crystal/Pink Moon Crystal.

Two.  If Princess Serenity must have a father, I was always taken with that line of “Our father, the sun….” from the manga.  I’m absolutely sure that it was not meant to be canon that the Sun had a representative who had a child with Queen Serenity, but I love that idea that it’s possible as a fan theory!  Princess Serenity’s blonde hair (well, and Queen Serenity’s blonde hair, it’s not like we know where she originally came from, just that she’s not native to this solar system) is fun to play with for that idea.  (Though, it seems clear she got her hair color from her mother here, not from the sun.  But I like blonde!Princess Serenity just for that idea!)


For the longest time, this bugged the hell out of me, that Usagi had this ultrasonic waves power that she only used the one or two times, but then never again, despite trying to chalk it up to, “Well, Naoko only planned for it to be the one arc, so the powers weren’t that consistent….”  It was a decent enough explanation, but it never settled quite right with me.

Until I started really looking at the Sailor Moon story in terms of the themes and its target audience (not that anyone can’t enjoy it! everyone is welcome! but it’s primary audience is girls about Usagi’s age) and thinking of this moment in terms of a young girl trying to figure herself out in a scary and unknown situation.

A young girl who’s desperate in this moment, who’s scared and unprepared for the reality of what she’s facing, of course she’s going to cry and those feelings have power.  Sailor Moon is all about a young girl in puberty, growing into a young woman.  It makes perfect sense to me that one of her earliest weapons, one of the ones that is most childish (even if it’s entirely understandable, god knows I’d do the same even out of puberty) is a wailing cry that she doesn’t want to be here, she doesn’t want this to be real, she just wants to go home.

How many times have girls her age been through something that’s made them want to cry exactly like this? and that those tears and that crying have an emotional power.  It’s something to be outgrown, it’s something that she’ll leave behind when she’s ready to face the situation with more preparedness, that’s just the way of these things.

When viewed through that lens, when it’s the first way Usagi’s power manifested, but later changed because Usagi’s power is all about her emotions and her own manifestations/self identity, it’s something I’ve come to whole-heartedly love about the first time she faces a youma. She’s still barely a young adult, she still has so many childish things about her, of course she’s going to reach for childish expressions!  And the whole point of it is that the next time, or the time after that, she’ll be better prepared, because that’s how growing up works.

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