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Aino Minako.

Don’t be fooled by the perfect tan, addiction to SnapChat, the exquisitely timed duckface on her driver’s license photo, the DVR full of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the over 1000 pins in her Nail Art To Try folder on Pinterest.

She is the warrior of Love and Beauty, five star general of Her Royal Highness Princess Serenity, Keeper of the Golden Chains, the Ghost Angel who flies on the night wind with the white cat at her heels.

Sailor Venus. Codename: Sailor V


The first of my “Pretty Guardian Trainer Scouts” t-shirt series is being released on in just over a week!  Kicking it off with Venus and her sparkly pokemon team :). It’s on sale for only $10 but only for 24 hours!!

I’ve been really excited about releasing these, it’s like all my childhood dreams balled into one >.<  I’ve kept them under wraps for months now so I’m happy I can finally start sharing! And yes, I plan on doing all the scouts, I’m almost finished the inner senshi :).

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