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Question a Superhero Wearing a High Heel; Get Comic Forum Logic in Response

As you can see I went way negative on the Wonder Woman costume reveal gnashing my teeth and ripping the costume to shreds while burning my bra and screaming about the patriarchy.

Or not.

Hey Wonder Woman you’re wearing those heels because plenty of women think they’re sexy right?

Somedays there’s not enough desk to head and booze to drink.


Captain America

I decided to pick up a Prismacolor brush pen (because I’m so finicky with brush pens, I’m super heavy-handed and shaky like you wouldn’t believe and I have tried SO MANY different brush pens and have given up hope far too many times…) and I wanted to try it out and? I like it? Like, a LOT? Gonna have to pick up some more in a few weeks, me thinks.

Also I keep seeing all these Cap3 drawings lately where Cap gets shot or dies or whatever just as Bucky gets better and it made me sad and totally inspired so I had to take a shot at drawing something like that heeey. What better topic to try a brush pen out on, pff sorry not sorry.

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